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Larry Mondi Productions is a full-service video production company in Boston. Our script writers, camera crews, graphic artists, sound engineers, and video editors are among Boston’s most talented and experienced production professionals!
Video camerman on set in Boston
Projects we produce for our clients include educational programs, documentaries, marketing videos, training videos, corporate presentations, direct-sale
DVDs, and webcasts.

Larry Mondi is creative director for all projects at Larry Mondi Productions. In his 25 years in video production and broadcasting, Larry has worked on award-winning documentaries, television commercials, feature programs, music videos, and
large-scale live event coverage.

In 1993 Larry left broadcasting to form Larry Mondi Productions, where his experience and skills inspire the wide variety of projects produced by the company.

Larry Mondi
They bring a high level aesthetic to every project
Video for Marketing, education, and corporate communication
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