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Larry Mondi Productions took our initial ideas and really made them sing!  They stuck to the budget and schedule, and we were extremely pleased with the final product. Jeff Weidenaar, Pearson
They have the experience  and aptitude for translating esoteric topics into accessible language.  Their productions work! Vincent J. Morgan, BiconDental Implants They’re creative, cost-effective, and incredibly pleasant to work with! Larry retains the eye of an established communicator while adapting to and welcoming the technological advances that are rapidly changing the industry.
They bring our products to life! Their entire crew includes only people who are as talented and wonderful to work with as Larry is himself! Margaret Broucek, Heinemann They were able to take very dense material and turn it into a video learning experience that was memorable and entertaining.  Therese Perreault, HCPro
They grasped our concept quickly and were professional every step of the way. Ron Marrocco, NEUROMetrix, Inc. They expertly managed the entire video production process, from talent auditions to postproduction. Our project was an enjoyable success! Nancy J. Carosella, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.
They bring added value, enhanced clarity, and a high-level aesthetic to  every project! Olive McRae, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Video for marketing, education, and corporate communication
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